Product Profit

Reveal your exact profit margins per product

Focus your time & effort on the products that work best for your business

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Net Profit

We calculate net profit in real time from your stores data and cost inputs

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Return of Investment

A great way to realise which products are giving you the highest return relative to their cost

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Fully customizable costs

Add Cost of Goods prices (average, per product, date specific)

Add date specific Custom Costs (one-off, weekly, monthly, per product, per order)

Edit transaction costs for each payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe etc.) by percent and fee

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Fully automated service

Set it and forget - one time setup. Only go back when you need to update costs

We collect data every hour and have it ready for you when you need

Sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly reports via email so you don't have to log in everyday to check

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